November's Colour Research

This time around November's colour research has a strong palette: it is the result of projects I have spotted around.

The combination is potent, with a lot of character: vermilion and cerise combined, don't go unnoticed. This combination was often spotted during the last Milan Fashion Week, and we might bring it along to next year.

Reds are created from either "Tomato Red" or "Berry Red", which is also the based of the two reds in this colour combination. Red is present is 77% of the flags around the world, and it is the international colour for "stop".

Red is also associated with power, passion but also seduction and adventure. The latter being something I truly hope will be part of our lives again in 2021 more than this year.

Rose and Lilac, combined with a more neutral light Sepia, soften the overall combination.

November's colour combination has several hues based on red: vermilion, cerise, rose and lilac that needs as well a hint of blue. While sepia is the name that takes the name from the marine creature cuttlerfish. A brown-black tone with some transparencies that gives out a warm feeling. In this colour combination, sepia is the touch that balances the composition.

While we wait to know which will be the Pantone colour for 2021, I can only speculate that this colour combination will be present in different hues, maybe in SW21?

Ph. courtesy: Meg Delong found via BBC, @mushstudiosny , axdmagazine curated by @asliyilmazturk , and @funkyforty and @deadflowersnyc