July's Colour Research

During this never ending July (it was never ending, right?!) I have been spotting a beautiful combination of colours: from green pistachio to a darker cactus hue. And from a faded pink to a more saturated magnolia pink.

I have been spotting this combination cross-industry: fashion, retail, interior design, public spaces, and speculative design.

Where does this combination come from? Since the pandemic and the imposed lockdown, some of us need some escapism. Not only in terms of being physically outdoors, but also mentally. Due to uncertainty of how the virus will behave after the summer, the economic implications or another confinement, our mind needs as well some distraction.

July's colour investigation is dominated by two hues: green pistachio and faded rose, as well know as rosa antico.

Green is a colour connected to nature, suggests stability and endurance- and oh boy, we all know we need some of both. Pink is considered a calming and a non-threatening colour, connected to positive aspects, such as a kindness. We need that as well!

Photos courtesy of: sixnfive Studio, Louis Vuitton, Sergio Rossi.

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