January's Colour Research

Happy New beginnings!

I want to start this year with 2021 @pantone colours: Illuminating and Ultimate Grey, a combination I often use in winter.

For me, grey represents winter and the mood that comes with it. It is a cool colour, yet sophisticated. We use it to refer to our brain as "grey matter", "grey power, or economy" to refer to the growing demographic group most of our western societies have: seniors. "Grey hair" refers to an elderly person, a hair colour that has become fashionable in recent years.

It is a solid colour that, well used both in fashion and interior design, creates a statement message without the negativity often associated with black.

Illuminating is a colour of joy, energy and light, and without light, we cannot exist.

Moreover, yellow helps activate memory, enhance visions, and stimulate nervous systems (both positively or negatively).

The combination is a propitiatory message for the unfolding year: two colours that underline the idea of togetherness and balance. One colour expresses our need to feel uplifted, hoping for a brighter future. At the same time, the other colour reminding us to stay grounded with strength.

Happy new year, every day ahead is a new beginning!

Photo: hairstyle image @anavaz_imagem, fashion image for Harper Bazaar Arabia Nov 2020 - 📸 @luismonteirophotography - Styling and production @petrawiebe - Model @celinebethmann - Hair and makeup @norbertcheminel, interior design image @crosbystudios x @avgvstjewelry