Exploring trends shaping the futures.
To decolonise them.

I am a Trend Researcher and Consultant based in Barcelona (Spain). 

I graduated in Communication and obtained a Master in Arts and Heritage from the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands).

My passion has always been researching, so I studied Qualitative Research Methods and Fashion Trends Investigation at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, where I returned as a guest lecturer.

Currently, I am completing a Master in Social Foresight, and focusing on urban planning, the use of public space, and the ageing society while polishing ways to use anticipatory methods to decolonise futures. 

Lifestyle & Design Curious
Creative Human being 

Futures Hunter 

This is me


I advise companies
and brands about trends shaping the futures. 

Day-in and day-out I discover, filter and select a vast amount of unusual, rare, valuable, and sometimes disorganised data. Signals and innovations that are available in the digital, and broadly, in the physical world. 

As a brand consultant, I have carried out qualitative researches, content strategy, and trends reports for clients in several sectors: retail, interior design, and hospitality, among others.

Taking a holistic and hands-on approach, I use qualitative methods to investigate the futures, helping brands and companies to anticipate challenges, defining preferable futures without colonising them. 

Clients & collaborations

Some of the companies I have worked with: